Your kid belongs here!

Kids’ Ministry starts September 15 for ages pre-k-grade 5. (Kids 4 and under can check in at Kids’ Stuff at the Y. No Y Membership needed.) We have qualified leaders who want to help your family grow in your faith. We can’t wait to see you this year! Please help us care for your child by completing the registration form below. 

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Philosophy of Kids’ Ministry

  • The home is the primary environment for faith formation in our children.
  • Dad and Mom are the primary faith formers in their children.
  • The church is an important complement to faith formation at home, especially in equipping parents for the task of spiritual parenting.
  • The church blesses children with “spiritual fathers and mothers” – faith-nurturing adults outside of their nuclear family.
  • For Kids Ministry (children through grade 5) we use Grow Curriculum



Baptism and Baby Dedication

  • The WHY Church honors both theological frameworks: infant baptism and baby dedication.
  • Important note: Baptism is not just for children, but for people at any age who are beginning their life with Christ (or who have not yet been baptized).
  • Preparation for baptism or baby dedication is completed by meeting 1-on-1 with Pastor Bjorn Dixon.
  • At this occasion a child receives his or her own Beginner’s Bible.

3rd Grade Bibles

  • In the fall of their 3rd grade year, children receive their own Hands-On Bible during Sunday morning worship.
  • The Hands-On Bible is an interactive format in the New Living Translation (NLT), designed for children ages 6-12.

1st Communion

  • The ideal age for First Communion can vary from child to child, so we intentionally leave room for flexibility and discernment.
  • 5th grade is the typical age at which we celebrate First Communion.
  • Preparation for First Communion is completed by attending the 1-time gathering for children and their parents in the early part of the year.
  • First Communion is celebrated at the first Communion Sunday of Lent.