High School Ministry / Confirmation

  • Some WHY Church families come from backgrounds where Confirmation is an important faith milestone. For others Confirmation is unfamiliar. Either option is fine for us!
  • For students who were baptized as infants or young children, Confirmation is the opportunity to publically affirm their baptism. I.e., “My parents spoke for me when I was a baptized as a baby, and now I am affirming that this faith is my own. I am choosing to follow Christ.”
  • For those students who were not baptized as infants or young children, Confirmation is still very meaningful as a public declaration of faith. And the classroom / relational environment we provide to get there will be a faith-growing experience for all high school students.
  • Similar to First Communion, the ideal age for Confirmation can vary from student to student, so we do not prescribe a specific high school grade-level for Confirmation. Students may be confirmed at any age during high school as long as they have completed at least 2 years of Confirmation and are spiritually ready to affirm their faith in Christ.
  • Confirmation includes weekly sessions at the Y during the fall and winter semesters, an annual retreat, Message Moments on Sunday mornings, service in our church home and community, the writing of our own faith stories, and relational connection with our Confirmation leaders and adults.
  • Confirmation is celebrated in the fall of the year, around Reformation Day in late October.


Middle School Ministry

  • Wednesday Nights at the Y! 6:15-7:45 PM with pick-up basketball afterward


College Care Ministry

  • The WHY Church actively supports and encourages our students who are attending college or away from home. We send care packages, write notes, and pray throughout the year for these students!


WHY Groups

  • All students and kids have the opportunity to growth in their faith by belonging to a WHY Group.
  • WHY Groups are the smaller group gatherings of individuals and families from the WHY Church, often meeting in homes.
  • The home is the primary environment for faith formation in our students and children.
  • Dad and Mom are the primary faith formers in their kids.
  • The church is an important complement to faith formation at home, especially in equipping parents for the task of spiritual parenting.
  • The church blesses students and children with “spiritual fathers and mothers” – faith-nurturing adults outside of their nuclear family. For our high school students we also refer to these adults as “faith mentors”.