Baby/Child Baptisms or Dedications

Many parents want to make a promise to God that they will raise their baby within the Christian faith.

The WHY Church honors both theological frameworks: infant baptism and baby dedication.  Within the dedication framework, parents promise to raise their child in a healthy and spiritual way until the day when the child can make their own personal decision to accept Jesus Christ as their savior (e.g. an adult baptism).


Adult Baptism

Baptisms aren’t just for babies!  They are for people at any age who are beginning their new life with Christ (or who have not yet been baptized).  Baptism is the outward symbol of your internal commitment to being a follower of Jesus Christ.  It is also important to remember that baptism doesn’t save you, that is done by faith in Jesus Christ alone.


Things to Know for Dedications & Baptisms

Preparation for baptism or baby dedication is completed by meeting 1-on-1 with Pastor Bjorn Dixon.  For babies or children, both parents are encouraged to attend these meetings.

Baptisms can be performed at the Sunday service using a baptismal font (basin) or you can choose to be immersed in the YMCA pool or other local body of water.