Your kid belongs here!

Kids’ Ministry starts September 20 for ages pre-school-grade 5.

We are excited to start a new year with your kids!

Every 6 weeks, each family will receive a packet that includes a weekly activity page and parent guide, along with a link to the online video lesson. There will be separate lessons for preschool-grade 3 and grades 4-5. Your child’s teacher will also be in touch via mail throughout the year. Contact Megan with questions.

K-3rd Grade Week 1 Video (September 20)

K-3 Parent Guide (September 20)

Grades 4-5 Week 1 Video (September 20)

4-5 Parent Guide (September 20)


Philosophy of Kids’ Ministry

  • The home is the primary environment for faith formation in our children.
  • Dad and Mom are the primary faith formers in their children.
  • The church is an important complement to faith formation at home, especially in equipping parents for the task of spiritual parenting.
  • The church blesses children with “spiritual fathers and mothers” – faith-nurturing adults outside of their nuclear family.
  • For Kids Ministry (children through grade 5) we use Grow Curriculum

Baptism and Baby Dedication

  • The WHY Church honors both theological frameworks: infant baptism and baby dedication.
  • Important note: Baptism is not just for children, but for people at any age who are beginning their life with Christ (or who have not yet been baptized).
  • Preparation for baptism or baby dedication is completed by meeting 1-on-1 with Pastor Bjorn Dixon.
  • At this occasion a child receives his or her own Beginner’s Bible.

3rd Grade Bibles

  • In the fall of their 3rd grade year, children receive their own Adventure Bible during Sunday morning worship.
  • On Sept. 13, 3rd grade Bibles will be given out at our 10:30am outdoor worship service. Please contact Megan to register. 

1st Communion

  • The ideal age for First Communion can vary from child to child, so we intentionally leave room for flexibility and discernment.
  • 5th grade is the typical age at which we celebrate First Communion.
  • Preparation for First Communion is completed by attending the 1-time gathering for children and their parents in the early part of the year.
  • First Communion is celebrated at the first Communion Sunday of Lent.